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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
So fossil fuel cause it to be buried in the ground? You're not that far from Doggerland.

You can ban people?
No, the road got disused and overgrown in medieval times, then year over year the soil built up piling over a meter on top of it. It only flooded over once in a while when the river broke in exceptionally heavy spring flooding (back when the Alps still had big glaciers).
In a way fossil fuels have contributed to burying the road as by speeding up the demise of the glaciers it increased the flooding. But the road was above sea level until recently.

I meant block, I cannot and would not ban people.
I don't mind if Oil Pan rants the way he does, that's freedom, no?
I just chose to not read any of it anymore. It isn't informative nor funny.

Doggerland is the prime example why we should worry about sea level rising.
Then, like now, sediment from the rivers built up where it met the sea, creating vast fertile clay planes. This takes thousands of years.
Because of its richness many thousands of people lived there, the population must have been much more dense than elsewhere in Europe. Archeological evidence of habitation in Europe from that period is sparse, but the sand we dig up from the North Sea to protect our beaches does contain lots of artifacts and bones of household animals etc. It was a good place to live.

Some 8000 years ago the temperature had risen gradually and so did the sea level; Doggerland got flooded over and the process of sediment buildup had to start over again further inland.
The process was still under way when civilization started in earnest. We dried out the marshes, dug away the peat, put dikes around the lakes we created that way and pumped them dry to work the fertile land exposed. We learned to protect ourselves from occasional storm floods, how to keep the soil fertile for sustainable farming.
There's no reason why this would ever have to stop if the sea level would not rise faster than a meter in 1000 years or so. The soil would just build up like it did over the Roman road.
Only some exceptional disaster, like the whole world losing their minds and burning fossil fuel like there's no tomorrow, could threaten us.
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