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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
The plant biologists are observing lower growth rates,and lower nutrition in cereal grains.You may have a full belly,but you'll be malnourished,more susceptible to disease.
You've seen what flooding and drought are doing here in the States.Productive,coastal, agricultural lands are being lost to sea-level rise,saltwater intrusion,ruination of underground water supplies.
All irrigated agricultural lands are in decline.Aquifiers are dying.Rivers are dying as we lose mountain glaciers and snowpack.Ice cap melt is accelerating.They'll be accelerating sea-level rise.Atmospheric river-induced flooding.Drought.Reservoirs will dry up.(Capetown,S.Africa faced abandonment last year by one month).
Hydro dams will be toast.There goes your Haber-Bosch process and a major component of your nitrogen fertilizer industry.
There will be some local and regional improvements,but globally,we're heading for catastrophe.

All this Doom and Gloom...

Living life thinking the end is near must really suck for you and all the other AGW believers.

Fortunately for myself and many other skeptics, life is still good...


Who’s They’ll...???