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Originally Posted by Thorium-Synfuel View Post
What kind of assessment/'lurking' have you done on the concept of trying a parallel-twin swapped into the geo metro?
Not specifically the Geo Metro. When I was 13, there was a Brazilian variant of the Opel Corsa B rebadged as a Chevrolet at home, with a 1.0L version of the Family 1 engine because GM didn't want to try the 3-cyl here. I didn't pay too much attention to the torque curves by then, so I assumed a Honda CB 500 engine would be up to the task. But anyway, nowadays if I were going to do a 2-cyl motorcycle engine swap maybe I'd consider the engine of a Triumph Bonneville, as it has a similar torque output to that old Corsa.

Or better yet, the 1980s CRX HF. Can you imagine the fuel efficiency savings?
Honestly I wouldn't expect some outstanding fuel savings, since a considerably smaller engine would have to rev higher in order to reach the same speed, with a shorter differential ratio to compensate for the lower torque output. Some eventual fuel savings would be more related to weight savings, which would also not be so impressive.
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