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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I bet almost every single one of them drove a gasoline powered car to get there and don't own any solar power equipment in the Kw range or have planted a tree with in the last year.
I am part owner of a large hydro plant and several nuclear plants as part of public utilities. Solar is less effective here in the snowy North East especially in Winter where I have seen logs showing 19 out of 25 days with near zero production. Wind turbine permitting is being streamlined and will see some big gains at the near shore area of Long Island in the next coming years. Too bad the US is totally behind the curve in wind turbine production and will be buying all foreign made hardware and installers.
Is buying a new, 4000 pound electric vehicle really more beneficial to the planet when my 10 year old 40 mpgUS car still works fine? 2/3 of my annual mileage is on an 8 year old, 100 mpgUS motorcycle. That has only 360 pounds of materials in it.
But I agree, there are some blind spots in the understanding of the climate strikers as to the trade offs between human well being/ energy/ economy/ ecology within the current system. Which is why I am working so hard to help people understand all of this. They don't understand that moving too quickly to leave carbon fuel in the ground before it's demand is reduced and replaced (never), would cause more immediate problems than the long term ones it solved.
We have seen Greta's message changing from "do something" to "system change, not climate change". She has learned a great deal in one year since sitting alone in the rain with a cardboard sign. Much more than she would have if she had stayed in a regular school. The internet holds the sum knowledge of mankind in the palm of your hand.