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Acirema Declares War on Climate Change

The Acireman Parliament,in a unanimous vote,has approved a war declaration against climate change.In a special session,Prime Minister Winston Tavernvale has described the present situation as akin to 'a 'Carbon-Curtain' descending upon the Empire''.
All ministers have convened roundtable working sessions to hammer out the details of their green new deal equivalent,which has been given an agreed-upon deadline of thirty days in order to expedite the launch of what they're referring to as a 'Warm-War.'
No one is certain about the specifics at this time,however there is a palpable sense of urgency among the ministers,as they anticipate the transition into a new petri dish.
The administer for the Bureau of Public Information,Reginald Pike Morgan,promises full media access to the ongoing proceedings.
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