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Originally Posted by TFA
[It is] the Philippines, which is much poorer and smitten by typhoons, yet many times more happy than their neighbours in Japan.
This is how it is. This is what kind of species we are: we are stupid, we are negligent, we are tardy. But on the other hand, we are adaptable, we are smart and even as things are falling apart, we are trying to stitch them together. But the most difficult thing is to calculate the net effect. Are we up or down? For all the analysis, we don’t know this.
I like these parts.

I got a ride in my son's new Silverado (it gets 43 instantaneous mpg with cylinder deactivation), so I can now distinguish $50K pickups from $40K pickups. I rode my bike to the laundamart and there was $140K of pickups in the parking lot and at least three people inside who can not afford their own washer and dryer.

That's the problem that needs to be fixed.
the cult of climatology believes everyone else should be forced to drive one. Look at our own climate justice virtue signalers here. Only 1 of them drives an electric, but they all think everyone else should be buying them.
I don't care what they think (just why). I want an EV for the lower maintenance cost and not smelling raw gas when I go around a corner.
So far,Elon Musk is the only game out there.
VW (post Dieselgate) is stepping up, at least in Europe.

."Once men turned their thinking over to machines thinking this would set them free. This only allowed other men with machines to enslave them." Frank Herbert

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