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Originally Posted by Bicycle Bob View Post
Hybrids followed the usual pattern. Engineers got interested in them for the efficiency, and offered them as such, with little success. Then the glamour got going, with regenerative braking in Formula One, and the "Insane Level" button in the Teslas. This affected even the image of the Prius, boosting sales. The high price is not a real problem, because most people buy cars that "prove" how much spare cash they have, and quite a few people who could afford a mid-range car also had enough guilt about their lifestyles to find a "green" alternative attractive.
At least in Brazil, besides some high-end models such as the BMW i8 only being available as a PHEV, another reason leading some people to get a hybrid is what we know here as "Gerson's Law", a matter of "taking advantage on everything". IIRC hybrids are exempt from the no-drive days in São Paulo, plus some malls already offer designated parking spots with free recharge for EVs and PHEVs.
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