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Torque curves are important to match, that is why swapping the G10 engine of the suzuki/geo metro with the "0.9 twin air natural power" of the panda Fiat, looks about as hand-in-glove as you can get. That car gets about the same-to-slightly worse fuel economy as the venrable Geo metro but it weighs some 200-500 kg more. So the possibilty of large fuel savings are definitely there. As what would a Fiat Panda achieve, if you snapped the fingers and 500kg of its mass removed? The difference between the stock Fiat Panda and the "500L", which goes the other way in mass, is indicative of substantial fuel savings by trimming about 200 kg. From some 1250 kg in the 500L model to 1000 kg in the Fiat Panda. So with the Metro at the featherweight 750 kg. What do you think it could achieve on the highway?

Plus with the added boon that the geo metro will now be able to run on dual fuel, so CNG if you choose. This all before the alternator delete. So combined, would a routine
3 L / 100 km definitely be in reach, especially for highway driving?

Essentially this could be thought of, as a full drive-train swap from the. 0.9L Fiat panda with the "twin natural power" engine, into the Geo Metro. When the latter doesn't even have a 6 speed and weighs some 250 kg less. Is it almost reaching out and begging, in hushed whisper for someone to try it? To at least enquire about it. The revs will be low throughout with the lower mass to haul around. So would it be even better than the Geo Metro HF?

Darin who did that conversion from the firefly/metro to the HF, wonder what he'd say about swapping the drive-train from the 0.9 L "Fiat natural power", into his?

Is he still around?

I haven't come across any "0.9 twin air natural power" engines, here in Ireland. Don't know if it even sold. Though for those of you with it coming into breaker yards, should you swap the drive-train into the geo metro. You would have my full attention.

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