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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
She has said all along that she will defer to the scientists and encourages (demands) that the world leaders prioritize their suggestions.
It is interesting for me to watch her progression of personal understanding in such a short time to now include a realization that a techno-salvation will not be forthcoming and the solution to the several approaching bottlenecks will include a planned degrowth to a new steady state socio-economic system.
Infinite growth on a finite planet is impossible.
Shame on "fairy tails of money and eternal growth"

She has a personal “handler” - “groomer” to coach her.

Luisa-Marie Neubauer

Luisa-Marie Neubauer (21 April 1996, Hamburg[1]) is a German climate activist. In Germany, she is one of the main organizers of the School strike for climate movement, inspired by Greta Thunberg.[2][3] She supports the implementation of Agenda 2030 in Germany and a climate policy that is compatible with the Paris Agreement. Neubauer is a member of Alliance 90/The Greens and the Green Youth.[4] She is involved in various organizations, including those for environmental protection, justice and against global poverty.
This woman is not only her coach-handler-groomer, she also travels along with and is seen at all of her appearances. And if that wasn’t enough, she was raised by parents who are left wing ANTIFA tee shirt wearing environmentalist activists.

Her thoughts were implanted and shaped from a early age.

Greta is a product of “her” environment...

And not the environment itself...