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Originally Posted by litesong View Post
If you sent this thread to Ms. Thunberg, she would cancel your endorsement of her. She has raised a vital, rallying cry to her peers, & struck & is striking ringing,dissonant chords of anger against us oldies.
Some of the material on human cognition speaks to our evolutionary selection towards outcomputing competitors and predators,and recognizing potential threat,as a purely survival function.We're wired this way.
Ms.Thunberg said she first learned of climate change in school,then pursued it further on her own initiative.
Anyone with critical thinking skills/perspicacity,will no doubt arrive at the conclusion that somethings rotten somewhere.
If there's overwhelming evidence that we're at risk,it's not surprising that folks might get bent.They are rightfully considering their own security,or lack of it.I'm kinda bent.I compensate with ice cream.And I've got the blood pressure readings to prove it!
There's been a recent business round table,and there are rumblings that CEOs want to do something as a united front to address these issues,without any single entity being taken aside and chastised by their shareholders.
Everybody I read,whether Right,Left,or Center all talk about better education.
I think the 4-million protesters were just trying to evoke a serious conversation.
I believe that the Vietnam War protests motivated President Nixon to rethink America's role in that quagmire,leading to our departure.A burr under the saddle.
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