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I got my car back a while ago, figured I should post the crash video, cause who doesn't like watching crashes? Also to add more information about the sentra.

So on the second tank, I got 42.8 MPG actual, while the gauge said (I reset it throughout trips, so I had to calculate the average..) 45.8 MPG.
The first fill was 12% optimistic, this one was 6.8%. Average those together and you get 9.4%. That "52.2 MPG" trip at 9.4% optimism would be 47.3 MPG. I have beaten that trip in the V6 accord. Given that my accord is modified specifically for fuel economy and the sentra wasn't, it should be possible to get better mileage with the sentra. But as it stands, my car can be ever so slightly more efficient than the little 4 banger sentra.

The sentra did great around town, and not bad on the highway but I was hoping I would see closer to 60 MPG indicated. Its a little car with a smallish engine and tall gearing, so it should be able to beat my car on the highway, but it didn't.

The sentra has an Eco button on the left side of the dashboard, which when pressed has a throttle guide meant to keep the engine at or below 1700 RPM. Coasting in neutral worked fine, I think I remember it liking being revved up when going back into gear. Driving around town at low speeds, the transmission doesn't let the engine drop below 1100 RPM, meanwhile I will go down to about 900 RPM with the accord.

I'm glad to have my car back, driving a manual is a lot more fun!
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