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Yeah this report is old. I'm pretty sure that 0.3C per decade isn't considered realistic any more by the ipcc.
And they're cherry picking, using 1850 to 1900 as their example of "pre industrial climate". We already know the mid 1880s were unusually cold because of Krakatoa.
That begs the question why not use a couple hundred years, why use 50? Why not go back as far as the data allows since it's all pre industrial and try to throw out the obvious vulcanism?

Yeah this is an older more dire sounding report of up to but probably not 2C warming by 2100. No wonder they reference this one.

Fact is the best thing everyone can do is read the reports themselves. Once that starts happening dooms day global warming is finished.
I can say with high confidence I don't think most of the dooms day believers read these reports unless only to search out the most dire, sensational parts and ignore everything else.

For example the 2017 report tries to normalize 2C warming while the latest sub report clearly shows 2C probably isn't likely even in the worst scenario.

Furthermore anyone who says this is settled science only needs to read any 2 reports separated by more than a few years to see this clearly isn't the case.
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