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Archigram's walking city?
Four motor generator sets converted 14,000 volt AC power to direct current for twenty main-drive motors capable of 30,000 horsepower output. The shovel could propel itself at 1/4 mph on four pairs of crawlers. Each crawler was 45 feet long and 16 feet high. Each crawler shoe measured ten feet across and tipped the scales at 3 1/2 tons.

The operator could telephone nine other stations on the machine, talk to the ground by loudspeaker, or to other mine areas by radio. A 3-man 8-story elevator transported crewmen from the lower frame to the machinery deck and gantry structure.
Individually, ETF mining trucks can haul as much as 400 tonnes in a single load. Some models have the ability to distribute the weight over as many as seven axles which rest on four tires each. The truck is also a lot more stable because of a "Central Tyre Inflation System". The system actively monitors and adjusts the height of each wheel to counteract bumps in the road. If a tire suddenly deflates, the system automatically alerts the driver and raises the wheel to allow the driver to continue a run. Traditionally, a flat tire would immediately halt any operations of a truck. However, the ETF mining truck's ability to raise and lower its wheels allows it to continue to work- despite a flat tire.

The truck also features an all-wheel-drive and all-wheel-steering, which increases control and drastically decreases its turning radius. The ETF trucks can be used on the same roads where current Large Haul Trucks are operating with existing haul road profiles and bend radius. Side-tippers are standard.

Adding to the trucks' dexterity is the added ability of being able to link the trucks into a single haul train which can still be operated by just one driver.
Active suspension via the tire inflation system? Why not.

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