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I once heard about videos related to minimalist life style. I imagine, before watch the videos, that it was about live in nature if possible, similar to hippie, with the least as possible, get donated clothes or used, just food and a room to live, since I had watched some tv reportage about people living like that.

But I found it was nothing like that, but it was about adminstration and priorities. For example, they showed how people can get better if concentrate their money in what they needed more and for what they needed less they would take the most simple things. For example, they do not get expensive mobile phone, neither expensive cars or pricy clothes/glasses/watches, unles they work needed something advanced. The money they saved, cuttin the unnecessary things, was invested in professional enhancement and laisure, trips, enjoy life instead of lose time trying to show people they was happy or wealth.

But people don't respect such people, but think they are fools or cheapskate.
I saw many things like the following : Begger getting more money if askig money for beer than if asking money for a sick daughter or for food. On internet a guy goet a lot of money after request help to buy his beer supply. He got so much that he decided to donated the extra portion. The beer company decided to donate a wholle lotta after found he donated to a hospital, so they gave hin some money and beer supply free, and a lot to the hspital, or something like that.
But after a reporter founbd of twittes of hin, with political incorretc posts, from his teens, he lost the gift hw would get. And the TV reprter that brought his pass and f... hin, was found to have even more political incorrect posts in his twitter, with even hate posts.

A woman asked money to help her overcome a terrible date thata was supposed traumatic for her, and where she lost a lot of money. She got donatins.

What will be next? Someone ask hep to rent a Mercedes to get a pretty girl that believes he is rich???

I think the donators project thenselves in cases like that...

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