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I live fairly minimalistic in the way stated above. I drive old cars that I buy cash, I generally buy clothes at the thrift store, or on occasion at farm supply stores when they are on sale (I'll gladly pay $20 for a wrangler or carharrt shirt on sale because I know they will last, but there's no way I'd pay the same for "fashion" brands.) I also reused a lot of things that others would throw away. It is through this type of lifestyle that I was able to support a family of 4 (then 5, now 6) on a single income. I've come a long ways in terms of income in the last 4 years, and in fact even in the last year, but we are now ~2 weeks from closing on a fairly nice house that by all rights someone with my income 'can't' afford.

I also bought a couple mobile homes a few years back (one of which I currently live in), both I got for around $8000. I put a little money into both and expect to sell them for at least 20k.
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