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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
You are editing my quote['s punctuation].
I don't know why it didn't have your exact quote, that I wanted to address.
But my post is below & that's what should have made you mad:
"Sounds Longshore Union. Harry Bridges kicked the mafia out of the west coast & then the East Coast kicked the mafia off their docks..... no wobbling, & straight forward ILWU. Other unions & workers want to join ILWU. Is freebeard getttttting the double wobbbbbbblies?"

The workers of the world were named Wobbly by capitalists, to demean them. I just said the ILWU set up workers to be just as powerful as capitalists.

Appears that is what made you mad. At least, it should have, not some quote that got changed, but didn't change your meaning.

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