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Your rhetorical question was declarative... & capitalist blasphemy, justifying capitalist violent tactics of injury, death & starvation.
Yikes! You've really gone off the deep end. I've already explained that I had confused Woodmen of the World with your nemesis.

Would you mess with these guys?

I haven't looked into this much but my reading of a 'fraternal order' is 'anarchists'.
Joseph Cullen Root was responsible for the founding of no less than four fraternal orders...

It was reported that Root's idea for "Woodmen" came from a speech he heard about woodsmen clearing away forests to provide shelter for their families. Others speculated that Root visualized himself as the root that would grow into a shelter, protecting members from financial disaster.

The first Woodmen certificates were issued from the home of John T. Yates, who was named Sovereign Clerk. The Society had no office until space was donated rent-free for six months by the owner of the Sheely Block at 15th & Howard Streets in Omaha.

The first certificate of membership ...

The first death claim paid was...

Woodmen's first financial statement, dated December 31, 1891, listed receipts of $59,753.31 and disbursements of $58,876.22, with a balance on hand of only $877.09. By 1900, the Society had $219 million of life insurance in force.

Woodmen continued to grow throughout the Depression era, and on its 50th anniversary in 1941, showed $364 million of life insurance in force.
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