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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
California can't keep it's lights on because of too much wind power?
Yeah, they used the same argument up here in Washington state, only for a different reason. Our integrated wind & hydro power (the best integration of various power sources), got the investors in wind power to clacking. Our dams were getting high because of good rainfall, so the power companies began using more hydro-power to keep the waters lower behind the dams. The wind investors began complaining they weren't making enough money, because the wind power wasn't being used. It was all temporary, but the rich people got to squawk about their money.

It's so funny. First, the AGW deniers said wind power would never produce more power than 1% of need. Second, wind turbines are so efficient at producing power, wind investors say use more power..... to make us rich.

It's NOT coincidence that AGW deniers & rich people clack the same way.