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Originally Posted by darcane View Post
Where the heck do you find a bank/CU that gives 2.5% on a checking account?

The most of what I've finding are .10% or less for savings accounts and zero for checking.

Not that I have anything to put in them. My saver mentality has gotten severely strained after divorce. My biggest challenge is that my FHA home loan was made based on two incomes, and I now pay it based on my one income. Since it's FHA, MIP does NOT come off the loan when I hit 20% equity, I have to refi and the rates are higher now than when we bought. Losing MIP would save me $270/mo if I could just eliminate it.
Rate chasing sucks because they are usually promotional rates that change a year later, and as Xist points out, are capped at certain amounts of money. My credit union rate is 1.75% with a $25k cap and other minor benefits like free online bill pay and ATM fee refunds. They have other requirements too like having direct deposit, so that adds to the hassle of rate chasing and annoys your HR when you're constantly changing where to send your paycheck.

If I found myself single, my first move would be to get roommates. Heck, the first 3 years of marriage we had roommates... and recently a friend of my wife is staying rent-free while she looks for work. I'm tempted to rent out rooms again; it's always worked out well for me, but then again I like people and get along well since I don't let little things get under my skin.
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