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Some people I ask have dislike about vegan products or about soy products.

Today I found a document (PDF) about the use of chicken skin (fat and not good for health) and how industry uses it, and also many remains of meat when they clean the bones, to produce processed things, as nuggets. They add soy textured protein flour, condiments, flavor agents that mimics meat, a nice box of the final product and the advert of a pretty girls eating it, and voilą...
People are already consuming thing similar to vegan meat, but with crap remains of meat, animal fat, together.

By the way, I'm close to get the yeast extracts, isolated vegetal proteins, and binders to try to create my own health vegan burger with juiceness and flavor similar to meat. No intention to win blind tests, but just to create some yummy and health burger that's animal free.

No garantee to create a burger free of animal suffering, since I'm suffering to get these ingredients.

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