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Originally Posted by Bucky Fuller
"There is no energy crisis, food crisis or environmental crisis. There is only a crisis of ignorance."
Fuller advocated for indoor windmills for reasons of maintenance, wildlife protection, efficiency and protection against high winds. A vertical axis mill at the oculus of a hemisphere will scale to your proportions on the open ocean.

edit: and if it's a complete sphere, the bottom 5/8ths can be a fish farm. At the surface, openings dynamically face into the wind which rises into a converging duct where it is accelerated into an Achimedean screw under a rotating/windvaning cap that sucks from the top. Dynamic=>static=>dynamic pressure mean it would be mild inside at the surface.

One could hang old airplane fuselages inside and connect them with scaffolding. It could be like Ready Player One. Better yet, under the bridge in Johnny Mnemonic.

."Once men turned their thinking over to machines thinking this would set them free. This only allowed other men with machines to enslave them." Frank Herbert

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