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Someone please explain to me how a Forester with a bad head gasket is worth $1,500--with a salvage title?! I always say that I would have needed to fight to sell mine for $1,000.

The owner calls replacing the head gasket part of the 100,000 checkup and maintenance.

I argue that it should be done with the timing belt. Allegedly the mechanic was supposed to replace a pulley, didn't, and that caused the head gasket to blow at 150,000 here in Show Low, while they were visiting from Tucson.

"Tires are in great condition (two within 1 year old)"--mismatched--on an AWD.

The condition is salvage, but the title is clean?

You know, it is weird, it took me so long to replace the head gasket on my Forester that I always wanted to do it again, figuring that I would be able to do it much faster without the drama that was going on.

I am unsure how long it took to replace the head gasket in my Civic, but she still isn't running.

Anyway, not 35 MPG. Sorry, I will see my way out:
"Oh if you use math, reason, and logic you will be hated."--OilPan4
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