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Excellent replies guys! Thanks for jumping in.

As it is, I do have a bunch of warm up mods done to the Mirage. I am currently running:
- 1000W block heater
- Coroplast lower grill block
- 3d printed upper grill block
- Sealed hood gap with weather stripping
- I'll soon be reinstalling my warm air intake for the winter

Originally Posted by iikhod View Post
Hate to be that guy, but: How much is the fuel savings difference between engine off coasting and engine on coasting(maybe dfco)?
Interesting idea, still.
In my experience there is a very large gain from going from DWL to P&G with the engine on. There is another fairly sizable gain from going to P&G with the engine off. If I had to guess, its around 5 mpg on the Mirage which is getting around 55-60 mpg.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
My first steps would be engine coolant heater so I start off in the morning with reasonably warm fluid, and a grill block. I tend to run the fan on the lowest setting unless I'm trying to defrost/clear a window because I don't like the extra noise, and it's just about as effective at warming the cabin (hotter air rather than more warm air). Then I have seat heaters which are quite effective and very economical to run.
I do have a block heater installed. Its a 1000W Kats type circulating tank heater. This definitely helps things out.

Originally Posted by iikhod View Post
As for the circulation pump itself, you could buy it second hand even cheaper from a junk yard. Some cars have a pump like that, for circulating coolant after shutdown, if necessary for cooling. Fans also run during this time. I believe vw t4 vans have this feature? Correct me if i'm wrong.
Ironically, I checked ebay for used pumps and found them to be the same price or higher...

Originally Posted by redneck View Post
Easy peasy...

Wire the coolant pump via a relay into the oil pressure idiot light circuit. Idiot light on - coolant pump on - idiot light off - coolant pump off.

Should work perfectly with the EOC (engine off coasting) technique.
That is perfect! I wanted to stay away from complicated controls and that does it.

I also have a 110V cabin heater. But haven't installed yet. I think that will definitely help with wanting to get heat asap. I'm hoping it also will help with defrosting.
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