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Is that color Sun Bug Gold?

A friend keeps emailing me about Facebook posting about the raffle of an electric bug by Omaze. You may have seen ads on Youtube.

Today he pointed to a 21-window bus with Porsche power. It sounds like they're found a way to turn gold into platinum. ....or latinum.

Once again, they chose non-L-code colors which diminishes any resale value. There are a lot of color choices in the 21-window era. A quick glance at suggests Seagull Gray over Mango Green.

A quick trip to and we find that mango Green is [888a5d] in RGB, no result for Seagull Gray. And that scheme would go well with a bamboo interior.

The wheel choice is interesting, I'd settle on an Empi wide-five five-spoke but the shape of the spoke is more like a Minilite, which was eight-spoked.


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