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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
...litesong, don't go there your head will asplode... This translates out of litesong-speak as something of a compliment. "redneck knows science as truth."
Yer post is similar to the glaciers holding back rain & snowfall waters in the Rocky Mountains in ancient Lake Missoula. Many times collapsed "Montanian" glaciers releasing waters thousands of feet high, power-trenched canyons from areas now known as Idaho & into the scablands of Washington state & Oregon. The flood waters, surged to the west, met the Columbia River river bed, sweeping over it, as if it were a piddle. However, some of the thunder-waters, met the Cascadian uplift, probably even pounding into waters of the now known, thousand foot elevated Lake Chelan & reverse flowed 40(?) miles into the canyons of the Cascade Mountains. Much of the Missoula flood pounded south down the Columbia River bed. However, the waters were strictly limited thru high ridges to the east & even higher Cascadian ridges to the west. Yes, of course, these ridges east & west are deeply scoured by the Missoula Floods. Most of the Missoula Flood deep water had to split & poured south, way east of the Columbia flow, deep trenching 1000 foot canyons, thru the coulees & scablands of mid-Washington state. Continuing south, the split raging water flows covered most of central & eastern Washington, even reverse flowing & snaking up the Snake River into Idaho again. However, gravity had its way, & both the wide Missoula flows pounded together again, in the Columbian River bed from east of now known Wenatchee all the way to now known Walla Walla. Waywardly tracking the Colombian River Bed, The Missoula Floods turned west & forced their way into the Columbian Gorge. The Missoula Flood waters must have been high here also. But unlike the dry scoured ridges east & south of Lake Chelan, the Columbian River Gorge cliffs & ridges have been watered & are now deep in forests. Past the CRG, the Floods continued west & into the Pacific Ocean.
Just two days ago, I was driving over much of that northern region.
Yes, it's funny that AGW deniers understand a little science & incorporate it, into their AGW denier "sigh-ants".

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