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You did really well up until the last line. But I can decode it, s'all good*.

Fire and Ice. The original surface of Eastern Washington is buried two miles down. Have you seen

I too stand in awe of the floodwaters. There is a boulder at Yachats that was deposited there, but I find this reference to the area I grew up in:
Erratic Rock State Natural Site is a state park in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, United States. Featuring a 40-short-ton (36 t) glacial erratic from the Missoula Floods, the small park sits atop a foothill of the Northern Oregon Coast Range in Yamhill County between Sheridan and McMinnville off Oregon Route 18.
There was talk in some thread about concrete roadways. [The] 18 was an early experiment, known locally as 'the Slab'.

But it's nothing compared with the Siberian Traps.

*dog whistle or speech impediment?

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