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would never say

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Link isn't working.
Last year I sad something about snow being on the ground in 36 states about this time last year and you said it was an isolated incident and called it weather.
I say the same applies to your "data point".
What goes around comes around.

Also the ipcc would never say in a report something to the effect of "look at this one town, it's clear proof the world is ending". Why?
Because that's not science, it's hyperbole.
If it's a weather record,black swan event,it could certainly garner the attention of the NOAA,World Meteorological Society,etc., regular contributors to the IPCC.
Non-linear,extreme events are the greatest concern to the climate science community.They're always looking at the 'radar screen' for these types of events.Policy recommendations are predicated upon them.'Adaptive' measures require the greatest lead times possible.
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