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another IPCC boo-boo

I re-read 'THE END OF GROWTH',by Richard Heinberg.At the back of the book,in the 'Notes' section,I ran across an entry for Chapter-Three,note # 45.
It had to do with an IPCC prediction that the Himalayan glaciers could disappear as soon as 2035.'It turns out that guestimate was based on misquoting a researcher in a 1999 news article-not from any kind of peer-reviewed scientific study.The incident reflects a breakdown in the IPCC process but it doesn't undercut the reality that glacier loss,particularly in what are technically tropical regions such as the Andes and Himalayas,continues to accelerate in the 21st century.'
The quote is from David Biello,'How Fast Are the Himalayan Glaciers Melting?',Scientific American podcast,posted January 21,2010,
Heinberg recommended a look at Richard S. Williams,Jr.,and Jane G.Ferrigno,eds.,Glaciers of Asia,US Geological Survey Professional Paper 1386-F(Washington,DC:US GPO,2010),online at
I thought about oilpan-4's encounter with the NATURE retraction of an IPCC Ocean/Cyrosphere report he recently shared.
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