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Lithium battery megafactories in pipeline

Over at website,they're showing 68-Lithium battery mega-factories in the pipeline,with a capacity of 1.45-TW-h by 2028.
EV sales are beginning to hockey-stick,we're over 5-millon sales,globally, as of December,2018,and US sales rose 81%.
Top-5 producers as of January,2019, were: TESLA/Panasonic,LG Chem,CATL,CATL,and LG Chem.
I ran some numbers based upon a back-to-back comparison,by CAR and DRIVER,between a Tesla S and BMW 5-series.Due to the thermal inefficiency of internal combustion,it's possible to operate more than 5X as many electric cars as ICE,with no more net energy.The BMW had the equivalent of a 318-kWh pack and got no more range than the Tesla,with 78.3-kWhs.And even though the Tesla cost 14.4% more on the front end,it ultimately cost 25.4% less to 'fuel',over a 30-year transition to a zero-carbon economy.
Apologize if this is redundant info.

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