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Good news, one more flavor company will send me samples for more variable mea,t chicken flavor, and this time I will get flavors for bacon plus 3 kinds of cheese.

From the vegan burger companies in USA only Impossible Foods uses really new technology, their Heme created by pattented yeast, that mimics perfectly the heme that there are on meat and gave most of the meat flavors. All other companies creating vegan burger to mimic meat are using modern binders, soy or pea protein textures, and modern flavors.

I hope to get at least something similar to the most second genertation vegan burgers on market.
Soy protein it's so low cost on Brazil, like 1,3 dollars per kg with wholesallers (and 1kg of soy textured protein became 3kg after hydratation and removal of excess water). I was imagining, in case the flavors for meat was affordable, that schools could have more soy protein meals, if kids find as good as meat, reducing costs, and use the money saved to invest in other things.

I plan to add one meat flavor to the basic soy protein, and another meat flavor, some sort of meat broth, to the binder (since the binder releases some water when grilled). This could give a taste of meat and the taste of liquid of meat (like the meat liquid in barbecue).

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