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I live in San Diego, between three major universities.

Originally Posted by litesong View Post
AGW deniers always point out natural changes over thousands of years. Man-made global warming is changing things over decades & years. Chunks of coastal states, like California, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alaska, Texas, Maine, Washington state, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, etc. are in SLR trouble. Populations of low-lying countries, islands & continents (including Antarctica) are already being driven by SLR, away from their home grounds..... which are watery grounds, now.

Plus, the GHG generating wick is turned up continuously. That's why AGW deniers squawk faster, as they protect GHG generating fossil fuel companies & their trillions.
Climate studies is a popular thing. Using the Cray computer on the University of California San Diego campus to model climate is one of the classes students will go through. Even then, 30 year windows are used to smooth data. Look up the texts. Go take the classes. Then come back and tell me not to use academic definitions of "climate" and "weather" interchangeably - as you have done.

And I believe in global warming. A late old friend told me stories of her time as a navy wife in San Diego during WW2. She told of me stories where October and November would bring snow to the beaches. These are the same beaches my wife runs around in, in a tiny two piece playing beach volleyball with her girlfriends, today.

This time period I am speaking of would be barely 3 points on a graph of climate change. The extreme oscillations from such a graph would warrant the application of more techniques to divine some conclusion. Those techniques are the issue. You can take the same raw data and apply different methods to come to differing conclusions.

You may be sure of your conclusions. But the science of this subject is truthfully much less settled and should be open to debate.
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