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Originally Posted by litesong View Post
AGW deniers always point out natural changes over thousands of years. Man-made global warming is changing things over decades & years. Chunks of coastal states, like California, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alaska, Texas, Maine, Washington state, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, etc. are in SLR trouble.
Last interglacial period, the waters rose some 6m higher than now in Belgium

Where I live, was flooded back then
Shark teeth have been found here
As well as a complete mammoth skeleton from the last Ice age

We are again in a warm interglacial period, and likely nearing the maximum of it (least ice)

So , wether you want to believe the gospel of Global Warming or not
It's gonna get hotter
And the sea is going to rise

And no-one, no climate pact, no climate activist nor denier will stop that ...

Populations of low-lying countries, islands & continents (including Antarctica) are already being driven by SLR, away from their home grounds..... which are watery grounds, now.
As these areas were before ...
If they even existed as quite a few are of volcanic nature - they literally come and go

Plus, the GHG generating wick is turned up continuously.
Greatest contributor isn't CO2, it's water vapour ...
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