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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
Last interglacial period, the waters rose....
Where I live, was flooded back then..... warm interglacial period, and likely nearing the maximum of it (least ice)..... gospel of Global Warming.....Greatest contributor isn't CO2, it's water vapour ...
All AGW denier arguments.

A video camera zoomed in on a fellow, decked out in fishing garb with waders, standing in a pond. A tighter view showed he held a baseball & glove. He said he used to play baseball on the field he was in..... that was no longer a field.
Yeah, no stories from 20,000 years ago, just a story of his boyhood. Other views in Maryland, showed homes that were on the edge of abandonment, because the rising tides were coming in.

AGW deniers used to pump the idea of a nearing ice age because the sun was at a Total Solar Irradiation low. For the last 13+ years, the sun has been radiating at a TSI low. But, Earth bio-sphere temperatures continue to rise..... in the air, in the water & in the dirt. But, AGW deniers percentage-wise, still got lots of muk luk boots, while they wait for the ice age.

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