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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
.... a 1 degree-C temperature rise,increases atmospheric water vapor content by 7%, amplifying warming.
AGW deniers pretend not to understand that increasing water vapour is a GHG AGW feedback. I've said the same thing as you in post #7821:
"..... increasing atmospheric man-made infra-red energy absorbing GHGs & their positive feedbacks, which includes increasing amounts of atmospheric water vapor".
I've also said the same for 15 years on other AGW denier websites. To the last one, AGW deniers pretend not to understand that water vapour is a positive feedback to increasing man-made infra-red energy absorbing GHGs.
If AGW deniers admitted they understand that water vapour is a feedback mechanism to AGW, they would lose one of their prime (& silly) AGW denier arguments. Oh, yeah. All AGW denier arguments are silly.

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