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local mean

Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
Our Belgian North Sea coast was straightened and impoldered in the early Middle Ages
(even the English term comes from our "inpolderen")
Islands in front of and along today's coast, have gone, swallowed by the sea

Locally, mean sea level has risen over 2m since Jesus Christ claimed to walk on water
Without much antropogenic input (the rise, dunno about JC's act ...)

Pretty fast hu

Doggersbank -look it up- was an island not that long ago
Fishermen went there before it dipped under the sea
Later they went there, because the fishing was good

The water WILL come, no matter what ...
This is a great thing to bring up,as many do not appreciate the fact that,a global mean average sea level doesn't dismiss local and regional variations remarkably different in magnitude,just like with temperature.
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