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I was joking, I'm not really affected by the shill invading our little sanctuary.

For the record I do not deny that AGWDs are in denial. I've already said I expect runaway greenhouse.

Originally Posted by aerohead
This is a great thing to bring up,as many do not appreciate the fact that,a global mean average sea level doesn't dismiss local and regional variations remarkably different in magnitude,just like with temperature.
Just like sea level and air pressure, I think IQ varies geographically too. That would explain China not getting with the program on pollution and Africa on overpopulation.

In other news. Greta Thunberg is stuck in North America. Calling grownups childish.

Seeker: How Close Are We to Zero-Emissions Electricity?

I watched it. They skip right over 4th-gen fission for the lure of fusion, and smart metering but no software-defined electricity. B-.

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