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Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post
So I had to go sign up the loaner truck for another month today since I've now been driving it over two months. If I'd known up front I'd have it this long I would have entered it in the garage and tracked the mpg!

They finally have an "in transit" note for the new transmission but they didn't have an eta for delivery. By now I'm sure both batteries are dead or low and they've probably lost a bunch of the parts they took off to investigate the transmission. I requested that they charge both batteries before I left, if I have any issues down the road they can give me new ones!
if you still got the receipts you can do it

the only data that matters is the gallons pumped

just put the most current entry as the final partial fill up and it will average out the MPG correctly

The RWD/4x4 2mode transmissions are pretty reliable... they just did a sloppy job of building the 2mode FWD version ..
they also cheap out, the 2008/09 models were costing $10,000 per transmission so on a $10,000 transmission I expect to at lest get no less then 300,000 miles out of it

there is a few of these on the road with the original transmission that have 200k to 290K on them... there was some isolated reports of the input shaft/sun gear train wreaking in them... around 100-120k

remember that input shaft/planetary gearsets has to do a Engine Start as well.. those electrical motors have a ton of torque

more then likely the metal fractured causing a runaway train wreak to the input gearsets
the cause of the fractures more then likely happened because of a defect in the metal or micro air bubble

Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post

It has the same symptoms as the first go-around with it just losing all power and control, but this time I was exiting the interstate at a high rate of speed, so it was a lot dicier trying to get it stopped and keep it in the lane
I had that exact thing happen with my Tahoe hybrid

Lost all power just for about 1 second momentary electrical power loss

all 4 Brakes locked up i was going 50mph down at an exit ( don't cry it was a 45MPH exit ) Nearly lost control of it.. No steering as well..

turned out my battery cable was loose

how old is the 12volt battery ?

This is the codes I got last time it "lost power" but I did have Power Steering control that time..

That time the battery failed..
Codes as follow:
P0AC4(Check engine lamp)
P0AC4(Check engine lamp)
P0AC4 (Check engine lamp)

p061B Internal Control Module performance
U180F Control module communications Error
p0069 (All ready replace the MAP sensor an Cleared CEL a month 1/2 ago)
P0C32 Battery Cooling system (it also points to the 12volt system)

I have replaced the 12V+battery over 600 miles so far without issue electrical wise including a phantom p0069 code(yes it did come up as a pending code but it Ghosted me :P ) I also cleaned the battery terminals very well... I plan to install New ground cables one of them seems to be going bad and the other has corrosion on it

also since you live in Florida I would expect heavy corrosion on your unprotected wires such as the braided ground cables and terminals.

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