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Originally Posted by Vman455 View Post
Peak power from the electric drive motor in the Prius is 53kW, while peak power from the combined gas+electric is 90kW. Whereas if you use the (bad) math of (peak combined power) - (peak ICE power), you only get 19kW for the electric motor, which is far below its actual peak power and really says nothing about its ability to accelerate the car without the ICE since that is dependent on torque. The non-plug-in RAV4 hybrid has an 88kW (118 hp) electric motor, per Toyota's website; the RAV4 Prime will have to have a significantly more powerful electric motor, since it has the same 2.5 liter "Dynamic Force" combustion engine as the regular hybrid.
That's my point. The 19kw limit of the Prius' motor with the ICE off has nothing to do with the motor and is how much power the battery can provide. The ~126hp provided by the electric side of the RAV4 Prime means the battery can put out quite a bit of power and the ICE should only have to help out if you really get on the gas (something I like about the Volt vs most other PHEVs is that it operates completely like an EV in EV mode, no worries about the ICE turning on until the battery is empty).
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