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Originally Posted by ME_Andy View Post
Number one cost savings = lack of paint

I would love to have a truck that I don't need to worry about scratching.

I really like it. Hopefully I'll be ready to buy one in two years.


The windows are a little smaller than I would like
A drop top would be sweet
I would have skipped the "tounneau cover"

From watching some Youtube videos, the first thing new riders said when they hopped in was, "Is that dashboard marble?" I'll let you guess what the dashboard really was, I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.
looks like back to the future or a delorean

the market they are targeting is back to the future fans... esp with that design.. i'd buy one if i had the extra money to do so i got 40K in my bank account but i could buy one but i got nowhere to charge it..

at lest its made out of metal tired of "plastic cars and trucks"

Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
It can't carry or tow or go over more than any other light truck, it's pretty average on those specs. A F150 may have an MSRP of 30k or more but it's pretty common to get them 15-20% off MSRP. Also towing 10,000 pounds is one thing, towing 10,000 pounds on the average 300-500 mile trip is another. Those ranges will be 1/3 while towing the average camper and recharge times will be in the hours not minutes a gasser recharges. So drive an hour, charge an hour, is going to get really old really fast.

I don't think in the end they will be any less expensive (4wd to 4wd) than the Rivian with it's incentives, which will beat it to market by I bet 2 full years. The Rivian looks much better too.

I read that sport utility vehicles are more likely to be involved in fatal accidents. Fatal to the people in the other car.
Let's roll!

that is why they became more popular

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