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towing mpg

Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
It can't carry or tow or go over more than any other light truck, it's pretty average on those specs. A F150 may have an MSRP of 30k or more but it's pretty common to get them 15-20% off MSRP. Also towing 10,000 pounds is one thing, towing 10,000 pounds on the average 300-500 mile trip is another. Those ranges will be 1/3 while towing the average camper and recharge times will be in the hours not minutes a gasser recharges. So drive an hour, charge an hour, is going to get really old really fast.

I don't think in the end they will be any less expensive (4wd to 4wd) than the Rivian with it's incentives, which will beat it to market by I bet 2 full years. The Rivian looks much better too.
Aerostealth gets around 9-mpg pulling the biggest 5-wheel out there, with his 2014,F-150,3.5-L, EcoBoost.The Tesla should do 27-mpge pulling the same trailer.We know already,from back-to-back Tesla/ICE comparisons,that the BSFC of the Tesla is 1/3rd that of ICE.In a generation,folks will probably bust their sides with laughter,when they find out trucks used to have 'pistons,'
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