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Lifelong hypermiler here. 2000 Chevy Metro = 55 MPG all around average, '91 Ford Festiva = 48 MPG, average, herd of 2000 - 02 Honda Insight MT cars = 68 MPG average, '07 Toyota Yaris = 44 MPG average... I've just cheated, bought my way to the head of the class. I've slaved away all my life, is this what it feels like to be a trust fund kid? : ) Last week I purchased a new '19 Chevy Bolt EV. So far, 4.6 miles per kilowatt average, so better than 120 MPG - equivalent.
Lol, your story sounds a LOT like mine . . . I even started out with a Festiva and ended up with an EV too! Although mine's a Volt I still use it about 95% in EV mode
I sorta feel like I'm cheating too, people who haven't driven an EV just can't understand the experience or how easy they are to hypermile

You'll probably end up over 5 miles per kWh, I get that day in and day out after I got used to the Volts


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