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Old 11-23-2019, 03:00 PM   #201 (permalink)
Plugging In FTW
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Ruby - '18 Chevrolet Volt LT
90 day: 170.46 mpg (US)
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Lifelong hypermiler here. 2000 Chevy Metro = 55 MPG all around average, '91 Ford Festiva = 48 MPG, average, herd of 2000 - 02 Honda Insight MT cars = 68 MPG average, '07 Toyota Yaris = 44 MPG average... I've just cheated, bought my way to the head of the class. I've slaved away all my life, is this what it feels like to be a trust fund kid? : ) Last week I purchased a new '19 Chevy Bolt EV. So far, 4.6 miles per kilowatt average, so better than 120 MPG - equivalent.
Lol, your story sounds a LOT like mine . . . I even started out with a Festiva and ended up with an EV too! Although mine's a Volt I still use it about 95% in EV mode
I sorta feel like I'm cheating too, people who haven't driven an EV just can't understand the experience or how easy they are to hypermile

You'll probably end up over 5 miles per kWh, I get that day in and day out after I got used to the Volts


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Insight - '06 Honda Insight MT
Team Honda
Gen-1 Insights
90 day: 81.29 mpg (US)

Mom's Prius (my driving) - '08 Toyota Prius
Team Toyota
Last 3: 60.96 mpg (US)

Insight Delivery Driving Log - '06 Honda Insight MT
90 day: 70.7 mpg (US)
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Mini hypermiling success from yesterday:

A buddy of mine owns a 2012 or 2013 Prius V. His average MPG is about 39. Recently while carpooling he had me drive his car to see what kind of MPG I could get. His bet was that I could not break 50, but that I might be able to break 50 in the summer (it was in the 30s *F outside, clear roads) when it was warmer.

Scored 56.0 MPG over 15 miles in the V, starting from a cold engine, a very slight decrease in elevation - not much, mostly just the last quarter mile down to where his apartment was. My friend was pretty shocked. I didn't do any kind of crazy hypermiling other than stick to the speed limit, keep out of power mode when accelerating from all stops, and half regenning and half coasting to stops.

On the highway you can definitely see the FE loss that the bluff rear end of the V has compared to the standard Prius, but the MPG isn't that much lower around town. I'd estimate about 5 MPG loss around town and 10 mpg loss on the highway versus the standard Prius.

The 1.8L on the 2010-2015 Prii supposedly has a more efficient operating range than the 1.5L on the 2004-2009 Prii, so it isn't exactly apples to apples.
2006 New Formula Red Honda Insight MT, 267k: (Build thread)
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Old 12-09-2019, 05:43 AM   #203 (permalink)
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Nissan 1400 - '94 Nissan 1400 std
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This is my mini truck:

Nissan 1400 Standard 2005-1 - Car Specs - Nissan 1400 Specifications - Information on Nissan cars and 1400 specs for vehicles

Rated fuel consumption is:

Average -9.9l/100km or 10.1km/l or 23.7 mpg
Highway-7.13l/100km or 14.02km/l or 32.97mpg
Urban- 12.26l/100km or 8.15km/l or 19.16mpg

Was getting 28.22mpg ever since ive had it, recently the clutch was replaced due to a failure (started slipping badly) and the water pump was replaced due to a leak and while I was at it, changed the thermostat as it always only got just into normal range. Since the thermostat change (I feel this was what made the biggest improvement due to the increase in running temp) I am now averaging 15.96km/l or 37.54mpg, most people who have these average between 20-25mpg at best. My daily commute is approx. 64km round trip of stop and go, main road, highway and sometimes the highway is at a slow pace of like 0-20km/h so it’s a proper mix and match. Still have many things to change on it, currently has 155/80R12 inch wheels, looking to change to 155/80R13 wheels for a 1 inch increase in diameter with moon hubcaps for better aero, want to lower it, front air dam, aero shell or just a bed cover, partial grille block for winter only, summer gets hot here so don’t want overheating issues. Overall goal is to get it as close to 40+mpg average.

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