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Originally Posted by vskid3 View Post
That's my point. The 19kw limit of the Prius' motor with the ICE off has nothing to do with the motor and is how much power the battery can provide. The ~126hp provided by the electric side of the RAV4 Prime means the battery can put out quite a bit of power and the ICE should only have to help out if you really get on the gas (something I like about the Volt vs most other PHEVs is that it operates completely like an EV in EV mode, no worries about the ICE turning on until the battery is empty).
I'm afraid you misunderstood my comment. The Prius' electric motor is not limited to 19kW output; that's the number you get if you subtract ICE power from total system power. But its actual electric motor max power output is 53kW, per Toyota. The current RAV4 hybrid has an electric motor that has a maximum 118hp//88kW, again per Toyota; the RAV4 Prime has to have a more powerful motor than 126hp to make combined 302hp vs. the regular hybrid's 219hp since they have the same gas engine. You can't just subtract the two numbers since the gas and electric motors have different torque curves and RPM ranges, and the transmission can vary those inputs with load; subtracting the numbers doesn't tell you anything about acceleration in electric mode or maximum power output in EV mode. We'll have to wait for Toyota's figures on those (if they even publish them; they don't for the Prius Prime).

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