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This is nice, really I am impressed.
I think tho if you want to make a little $ with less effort, I would suggest you instead of going to all this trouble, make a set of DIY instructions on building an MPGuino on say the cheap Arduino Nano with no display but instead a BT adapter and make an android APP so that peeps can just use their phone or a tablet etc as a display. Market the App for say $5 and sit back, no more building of units and all the troubleshooting that goes into that crap! Should be more reliable too as less wiring and stuff to potentially go wrong.

This is my goal, I plan (tho I am limited in ability) to build an MPGuino that interfaces to my Odroid carputer so that an app can be used as a display on it. Plan to use GPIO input pins to interface with the arduino tho not BT. Still same(ish) idea.

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