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Originally Posted by TheEnemy View Post
I like how he compared the price of the cybertruck to a base model two wheel drive truck, instead of the crew cab upper level versions such as the F-150 Lariat ($48,975), King Ranch ($56,355) or even Platinum ($58,855). Heck even the low end XL 4X2 is $35,000 before options.

Edit: crew cab, 6.5' bed, 4x4 unless otherwise noted.

For just a couple of thousand more you can go electric. Depending on how far you drive a year you can save that in the first year with just fuel costs.

The only significant problem I see is when someone needs to tow long distances, I expect the range to drop by about 50%. Lucky for me most of my towing is under 100 miles.

Of course if the CD is .48 then towing range might not be affected that bad.
Getting 15% off MSRP on a F150 is by far the norm, if not 20% off. Getting 0% off a Tesla is 100% guaranteed.
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