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I was driving behind one of these today, looks fairly aerodynamic except for the rounded rear corners that could induce some buffeting.

There is a rearward taper (besides the roof) that this photo does not really show off that is pretty exciting in my opinion.

Range Rover - Velar

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
They must've recruited horse racing jockeys to pilot the thing. What situation would warrant the pushbars? Bonneville?
Translated - 1953 LeMans, two Porsche 550 Prototypes ran and won.

Some more backstory.

Original Author: SixtyFour
Converted from:Forza Motorsports 3
The first three hand built prototypes came in a coupé with a removable hardtop. The first (550-03) raced as a roadster at the Nurburgring Eifel Race in May 1953 winning its first race. Over the next couple of years, the Werks Porsche team evolved and raced the 550 with outstanding success and was recognized wherever it appeared. The Werks cars were provided with differently painted tail fins to aid recognition from the pits. Hans Herrmann’s particularly famous ‘red-tail’ car No 41 went from victory to victory. Porsche was the first car manufacturer to get race sponsorship which was through Fletcher Aviation, who Porsche was working with to design a light aircraft engine and then later adding Telefunken and Castrol.
And one of the articles mentioned this race below, unclear if they ran with tops on or off.

I assume at some point cars are pushed in and out of the pits. Guessing those fins help prevent denting the aluminum?


Porsche 550 Spyder replica drives like one James Dean wrecked
A number of companies have made replicas over the years, often with fiberglass bodies and Volkswagen engines, but the owners of Spyder Creations say their car is as close to the original as possible. The bodies are hand-hammered out of aluminum, just like the originals, and period-correct Porsche engines and parts are installed.
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