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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
The .48 model was actually questioned by another aeronautical engineer, "The underbody rear diffuser will never work so nice like in your simulation." Basically saying the .48 was giving the underside and rear exit the perfect possible design even though nobody knows how it will actually be.
If both the airdam area and diffuser are presented for approach and departure angles,there's no reason both couldn't be 'active',with the airdam lowering as Volvo and Ford have done,and an optimizing diffuser as GM did on the Epcot concept of the 1980s.
We know from Hucho,the Porsche's 914 study,and Ford's Fusion,hydrogen Bonneville LSR racer,and Ford's Probe-IV concept, what ground clearance can do for drag.
We also know from Ford's Probe-IV, what body inclination optimization can also do for drag reduction.
With the Cybertruck's active suspension,it has a few tricks it can perform,depending on specific use,all with aero implications.
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