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Really depends for me. I have tall gearing and 6 speeds in the Insight, and a moderate-to-short 5 speed in the Fit.

My wife gets closer to 50mpg in the Fit during summer, and is averaging closer to 40 with weather hovering just below freezing, and ice/slush on the roads. She always uses all 5 gears but tends to slam through them quickly at low speeds, typically 5-12-18-25ish and accelerates with high load in 5th from 25. I'm not sure if she ever revs it above 1500RPM when accelerating before getting to 5th gear.

In my Insight I tend to vary my shift pattern. More often I use all of the gears. 6th isn't really appropriate until ~35mph where it's at ~1150rpm. Gears 1-2-3 are a hoot with the ~250HP engine so when I'm driving more spiritedly I'll hang onto 2 or 3 a little longer and then go straight to 5 or 6. 2nd is good for ~80mph and 3rd for 110 so it's not like I'm being forced to shift.
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