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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
That's more believable than the early 0.48 estimates.

While the form's efficiency is important, I've been looking at the hydrophobic transparent ALON windows. In dry climates (sand) or cold climates (hail) the savings in glass replacement becomes significant. Plus, no wipers.

Cameras in the trailing edges of the front wheel well flares.
With 'conventional' fastback models of zero camber and tumblehome,and rear departure angles of 28.5-degrees,and bi-stable flow,sharp edges would produce Cd 0.485.
Cybertruck's aggressive front slope,subtle curvature,along with plan-taper/camber,and tumblehome places it squarely in a different category than the primitive models that would produce Cd 0.485.It may just be an innocent oversight on the part of the CFD modellers.Also,the only CFD we know that will produce the proper results,is the Dassault Systemes' Exa Corporation's PowerFLOW software,requiring supercomputer,or a few hundred desktops in parallel processing,like they're doing with SETI.
The ALON is very cool.Dates back to the early Star Trek motion pictures,and 'transparent aluminum' aquarium, with which to transport the whale.
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