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Nissan 1400 - '94 Nissan 1400 std
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This is my mini truck:

Nissan 1400 Standard 2005-1 - Car Specs - Nissan 1400 Specifications - Information on Nissan cars and 1400 specs for vehicles

Rated fuel consumption is:

Average -9.9l/100km or 10.1km/l or 23.7 mpg
Highway-7.13l/100km or 14.02km/l or 32.97mpg
Urban- 12.26l/100km or 8.15km/l or 19.16mpg

Was getting 28.22mpg ever since ive had it, recently the clutch was replaced due to a failure (started slipping badly) and the water pump was replaced due to a leak and while I was at it, changed the thermostat as it always only got just into normal range. Since the thermostat change (I feel this was what made the biggest improvement due to the increase in running temp) I am now averaging 15.96km/l or 37.54mpg, most people who have these average between 20-25mpg at best. My daily commute is approx. 64km round trip of stop and go, main road, highway and sometimes the highway is at a slow pace of like 0-20km/h so it’s a proper mix and match. Still have many things to change on it, currently has 155/80R12 inch wheels, looking to change to 155/80R13 wheels for a 1 inch increase in diameter with moon hubcaps for better aero, want to lower it, front air dam, aero shell or just a bed cover, partial grille block for winter only, summer gets hot here so don’t want overheating issues. Overall goal is to get it as close to 40+mpg average.
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